Directors of Ridge Top Bible Camp

Since 1985, Bill and Brenda Bennett have been missionaries with Infaith, an American mission. InFaith is a faith mission, which means all missionaries must raise their own financial support. Both Bill and Brenda are graduates of Moody Bible Institute, and Bill is an ordained minister.

They spent 18 years working in southwest Missouri with small rural churches, which included being the pastor of McDowell Community Church for 6 years. During those years they started Camp Smokey, which was held at Roaring River State Park. After 12 years, they moved the camp to its present location at the Fundamental Methodist conference grounds in Halltown. That camp is currently called Camp Everlasting and is directed by David and Melody Cash. 

In 2004, God called the Bennetts to Galilee Bible Camp in east Tennessee. The camp was closed and in a state of poor repair. One session of camp was held in 2004 and in the following years the camp expanded to eight summer sessions and multiple weekend events for both youth and adults. During those years all the buildings were upgraded to have both heating and air conditioning. The dining hall and bath house were expanded and the chapel was enclosed from a screened in building to fully enclosed with heating and air. Also during that time a speakers cabin was built and a 40 x 70 two story lodge building with 8 motel-type rooms and a 40 x 28 meeting  room with a fireplace and seating for 40 people. The final two expansion projects of the camp were 11 RV park sites and a two story staff house for the current director. 

In 2012, God impressed upon the Bennetts that the work He had called them to do at Galilee Bible camp was coming to completion. God brought a couple to them that they mentored to take over the leadership at Galilee. In the fall of 2013 plans were put into place  for the transition of leadership of Galilee Bible Camp to take place in May 2014. God led them back to Missouri, to the town of Versallies,  and then in May of 2016 to Fairview Mo.
​They currently live 10 minutes from the camp.  Only God could have orchestrated all the details in the sale of their Versailles home and their move to Fairview.  Ask us, and we will share the "whole" story.
Bill & Brenda are faith missionaries serving through InFaith, and are trusting God, through His people to meet their financial needs.  They do not receive any funds from Ridge Top Bible Camp.  If you would feel led of the Lord to help with their support, you can give directly to them through InFaith.  Giving is very easy by following the link below.   
2 of the 6 cabins at Ridge Top Bible Camp

Ridge Top's Story

In the fall of 2013, we received a phone call from Terry Edwards, a friend from Aurora, Missouri. Terry wanted us to look at a camp that was for sale in Ridgley to see if our mission might be interested in buying it. We told Terry that InFaith does not buy camps or any other property for that matter, but we would look into the camp. We checked out the realestate listing for the camp, but we did not have the finances to purchase the property so we dropped it. About six months later we were again asked by Terry to check the camp out, so we drove by the camp July of 2014 only to find a sold sign. Once again we said, well that was that and we did not pursue it any further. 

In August of 2015, we were missionary speakers at the camp we started 30 years ago, and after the camp was we visited two of the churches we had worked with previously. One of those churches was McDowell Community Church. We shared in their Sunday night service, and talked about all the Lord had been doing in our lives and about previous camp work. One of the members of McDowell brought a friend and his wife to that service who had never been to McDowell before. After the service we were visiting with people and Mike England introduced himself and said, "so you know a little about running camps." He then proceeded to tell us about purchasing the camp property in Ridgley. We both agreed that we needed to talk. There is a little more to the story, but let's just say that meeting began a friendship and mutual agreement that we needed to pursue this property becoming a Bible camp. 

I do not believe in coincidences, but I do believe in God appointed meetings. Only God knows what all He has in store for this piece of property, but we learned a long time ago that if God wants us to something, then we need to be obedient and do it.